Founder,  Lead Tour Manager

Who I am...

I had spent some time in Chicago, the city of innovative architectures, for 5 years in my youth and studied Japanese culture, especially folklore, in University back in Japan. My thesis was about Sumo jinku (the songs Sumo wrestlers sing on special occasions) ,so to be honest, I didn’t do that well in Japanese Architecture class since I didn’t have much interest in architecture then. 
However as the time pass by and chance of working in a office in Omotesando had changed my whole idea about the architectures. I already had 8 years experience of working as a tour guide explaining about Japanese traditional shrines and temples but never thought about guiding modern architectures in Tokyo. Since taking photo has always been one of my passion, I did like places and buildings with wonderful spacial designs or with unique looks. However, more I find about the great works in Omotesando, they looked so fascinating once you know the concept and stories behind them. That was when I totally got into architectures.
Finding out that there weren’t any tours in Tokyo like “the architecture tour” in NY or Chicago, I decided to set up an architecture tour which is easy to understand and enjoyable for anyone who simply likes architectures and art designs with my best partner Kayuki.

Architecture I like …

I especially like hotel architectures and interior designs. My favorite was Hotel Okura designed by Japanese architect, Yoshiro Taniguchi which unfortunately been torn down to be rebuilt for the coming Olympics in 2020. It’s signature lobby always made me feel elegant and sophisticated. I also admired the interior designs hexagonal ceiling lights with beautifully designed furnitures and low ceiling mezzanine which you can look down the lobby. The harmony of East and West was just incredible.

My dream in next 10years…

Buy a home with decent space for garden, table and chairs (which is not always available around Tokyo) and convert it similar to Inoue-tei Residence (which actually is a copy of Antonin Raymond residence).