Tour Guide

Who I am...

Ex South Londoner, studying art’n’design. I still feel at home there when I’m back in London.
I often work in the media.

My favorite architectures...

At school, I was inspired by art of the late 19th to early 20th century such as Mondrian, Kandinsky and Klee. Likewise, I love the architecture of this period: Schroder House (Utrecht, the Netherlands by G. Rietveld), Hill House (Scotland, UK by C. R. Macintosh) and Bauhaus (Dessau, Germany by W. Gropius). The fact that the architectural movements correspond to the art movements of the times still fascinates me. It is interesting to see how those movements inspired some contemporarian Japanese creators. I also like Gaudi, Wasser and Herzog de Meuron, along with Japanese traditional buildings like Jishoji (a.k.a. Silver Pavilion) and Katsurarikyu (Katsura villa) in Kyoto.

At other times, I am....

Tea Ceremony practitioner
Handbag designer
Film camera lover

When I was an art student in London…

I eagerly visited many historic and cultural sites in western Europe to take advantage of the proximity.
Architectural sites: Stonehenge and C. R. Mackintosh sites in the UK, Le Corbusier sites in France, Bauhaus and Vitra Museum in Germany and more.
When I went to Rietveld’s Schroder House in the suburb of Utrecht, the Netherlands, I took a backseat of my Dutch friend's bike, a friend with whom I hitchhiked from South France to Barcelona to see Gaudi’s buildings. It took eight hours for us to get there without food and drink!

Now, I live in Japan as a licensed tour guide, I am fascinated to visit historic sites here to find out what is unique to us and what is universal. Being bicultural, I’d like to present our culture to my customers that are relevant to their own culture so that they can learn more and eventually like Japan more.