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Who I am...

I'm an architect and an interior designer and have worked at an architectural firm for 37 years. During my work, I spent 3 years in US and 2.5 years in China and have visited many countries. I have designed a research center, library, school, factories, office Interiors and private residences including my own house.

Architects and architecture I like..

Louis Karn, Kimbell Museum in Texas US, Luis Barragan, Horse House in Mexico, I.M.Pei, National Galley East Wing in Washington DC and Ryue Nishizawa since he graduated from the same university of me.

Other than architecture, I like..

Listening to music and play music myself. I have played with my band for more than 20 years, lately we play jazz, fusion. I play bass and my favorite bassist is Jaco Pastorious of Weather Report.


Like I appreciate fusion music, fusion analysis in the Japanese architecture is fascinating. I can give a clear explanation about many unique architecture to the best of my knowledge with an architect's eyes.