Tour Guide

Who I am...

I used to live in Los Angeles for 3 years ,when I was little, and 4 months in Paris while I was working. Had been a flight attendant for 17 years. When I went to Pompidou Center in Paris at first time ,I wondered why people are going inside the building which is under construction ? Because of its exposed skeleton of brightly colored tubes !!
Je vais vous montrer les batiments charmant !

My favorite architects...

The Guggenheim Museum in New York.
It‘s unique exterior design like a snail /futuristic gallery with spiral endless space are simply fascinating

Favorite quote...

Simple is best ! Don't you agree?

I am hooked with...

American and European crime suspense TV drama.

In “Law & Order:Criminal Intent”, Goren ( has a degree in psychology a knack for solving difficult crimes but eccentric!) and Eames (always calm ,cool and understand Goren) are the best team . Profiling is awesome and the way they interrogate is the point to see ! I love profiling !!

Favorite architectural song...

Simon & Garfunkel "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright" ♪
Did you know that Art Garfunkel attended Columbia University in New York City and studied architecture? There aren’t many songs about architect so I perhaps should come up with something like "Bon Appetit, Le Corbusier".