Tour Guide

Who I am...

I lived in New Castle, London and Dusseldorf in my childhood for 10 years in total. There, studying with friends from different nations, I learned if we know each other's country and culture, we can respect each other more and that would lead the world to a peace! Therefore I became the tour guide of Japan. I am amazed with the rich and unique culture of Japan myself, and it would be my pleasure if I could help your trip by telling you the charm of the changing-is-the-only-constant-city, Tokyo!

My favorite architecture is...

Retro buildings constructed in 1960-70s. It's the transition period of handmade and industrialization in Japan, so the buildings at that time has the fine mixture of artisan work and manufactured product. Just strolling around Shinbashi and Yurakucho areas filled with these handsome buildings will make my day!

No Beer? No Life!

For me, drinking beer after walking around is one of the delight moment of the day. I'm always looking for a nice brewery where you can have a superb glass with a tasty food.