Tour Guide

Who I am:

I was born and raised in Kagawa, facing the beautiful Seto Inland Sea, in western Japan. After graduating from a university, I had worked as an engineer for a global electronics company in Tokyo for 30 years. Working with foreign colleagues gave me fantastic opportunities to learn Japan from their points of views and, consequently, I became a tour guide in 2016.

My favorite architecture:

Located 1,000 miles away southwest of Tokyo, Nago City Hall in Okinawa has mesmerized me since the 1980's. Although it's a modern building, the appearance is distinctive as if it looks like an organic life coexisting with nature. Atelier Zo designed such a unique structure, inspired by their professor, Takamasa Yoshizaka who worked at the studio of Le Corbusier.

Favorite quote:

Thanks for all encounters in my life.

A pastime of my choice:

I love walking on back streets and alleys where I can find hidden gems. Tokyo has a lot of pretty paths retaining an atmosphere of good old days. While strolling in a quarter, I don't forget to drop in at a cozy cafe, restaurant, and bar, tucked in an alley to enjoy coffee, sweets, dishes, and of course, beer!

My way of appreciation for architectures and cities:

I'm enthusiastic about exploring not only buildings but also streets and towns. It's fun for me to figure out the geography of areas, the histories of districts, and the intentions of architects and artists who designed the interior and exterior of buildings.